Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Start of DRS Racks

Hi everyone, some of you may be following my other blog over at Doug Kauer Custom Instruments. If so you've probably seen the roll around rack we built to store guitars in progress.

Well a certain friend of mine on the east coast has been bugging me about doing some racks like my roll around but out of a nicer material. So I kind of put it on the back burner for a while because I wanted to make some improvements and I woke up one morning with some solutions in my head (kind of my MO it seems).

My roll around worked great till you put strap pins on a guitar... then the guitars pivoted on the pins and crashed into each other. Also, it was bulky, heavy and the guitars were to cramped. Good shop rack, not a good personal rack.

My main goal was to build a rack that would assemble with 1 tool, ship in a flat box and look great in the house.

So here's the progression. This is the first rack.

This rack was pretty close to being what I want. That material is a "cherry" melamine we had laid up over procore Plywood (aka 3/4" thick baltic birch ply) that we use for the interiors we do for Invincible Gunsafes. Its extremely strong, the rifle racks we make out of hold up extremely well.

So I made some tweaks, mostly in the spacing again. I wanted to make a variety of different sized racks with spacings for deeper bodies. So wrote some new programs and finalized the spacing. I also had an idea when I woke up that morning for a real space effective rack... came up with these

Now the corner unit is my absolute favorite... so much I made one for myself!

So Im really happy with how the spacing is working out.

Next up is working on the bottoms. The plan is a thin layer of foam/batten material wrapped in felt. That way I know it'll be safe with Nitro and it'll also really help keep guitars from moving around. So far every shape Ive put in there (parkers, SG's, lp's, strats, ES's, firebirds) have fit fantastic and dont move around. I even left the rack next to my stereo and bassman with both cranked and none vibrated around at all.

I want to do more interesting linings for the bottom eventually but for now this is a good start.

the really cool thing is I can do a bunch of different prefinished materials (cherry, oak, maple) or Melamines (nice thing about melamine is its cheaper and indestructible). I can also do just about any material and have it stained and sprayed to match someones preference (like if they want to match some cabinets it would go next too).

Then from there I can also do all solid wood ones, can do ones painted in fender colors ect ect.

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