Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Assembly Guide!

Alright time for an update... took pictures as an assembly guide and I took some pictures of the new cherry racks.

First, this picture. I wanted to show you WHY I build these the way I do and how strong they are. Remember these are just screwed together, no glue.
We didn't have a dirt bike to park on top so that'll have to do! :lol:

OK- assembly guide. Honestly, you pretty much can't screw this up but here goes.
This is what each kit will contain. 2 sides, 2 bottoms, a top, a brace, 16 screws and cover caps.
I like to start with the "comb". Here you can see the screw hole and its matching boring in the brace.
I suggest running that screw about 2/3rds in. Leave it loose to allow some wiggle room when assembling the rest. Once its all done we can finish it off at the end.
Assembly tip- we run the screws through till they are just poking out. That will help line up the matching pieces.
Run them in. The goal is to sink the screws flush or just below the surface.
The bottoms have a heavy round over on the "inside" of the brace. We bore these off center so that they will only assembly (correctly) one way.
Go ahead and screw those in.
Then just start the other side.

Once the rack is completely assembled tighten the brace completely.
and install the caps!

Thats it. I PROMISE you it took longer for this post to load then it does to assemble the racks. About 5 minutes a rack or less is all it takes.

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