Monday, June 8, 2009

When one is not enough

Hello everyone. Time for some new updates! First, at some customers requests we've designed a modified version of our Racks for storing instrument cases. We all know what a major pain storing a dozen or so cases can be so we came up with a solution. Using the same sides as our instrument racks, the case rack has a different back. Instead of a fixed wood "comb" the back is slotted and uses plastic rods that can be slid left to right and then locked into place. This allows for any dimension case and provides a space between each case. The best thing is because of this, you can remove one case at a time and the entire stack doesn't fall over.

We also had a request to make a 2 level high case rack. So we mocked one up in the shop yesterday with a guitar rack on top. This can be configured for case OR instrument racks. The best part is this entire two level rack will fit inside of most closets (and will clear the closet doors).

Plus it just looks awesome! Check back in a couple days to see the full production versions.

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