Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rustic Alder...

So every once in a while we'll hear about something interesting through the grapevine... this time it was one of our lumber suppliers. Turns out they had glued up and surfaced a large order of Rustic (aka Knotty) Alder and while they were doing it the customer went out of business.

So they called us and asked if we were interested. Turns out they glued them to the exact size we needed and frankly Rustic Alder is pretty much our favorite wood out there. I'll be honest, we are wood FANATICS and the grain, knots and other "imperfections" in Rustic Alder is right up our alley. Well it came in today from Eugene Oregon so we wasted no time cranking out a set of sides.

We were able to get enough planks to do 25 racks. Check it out in our Web Specials

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